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We believe that in the early years of education, children need to form strong bonds and be nurtured. At Yachaywasi, we strive to make our school their home away from home. We want our children to build life-long bonds with teachers and peers while gaining confidence in themselves while discovering the gift of bilingualism.


Learning Through Play

We follow a diverse approach to education, with a focus on second language acquisition.  At Yachaywasi, we borrow from several educational philosophies such as Montessori, Project-Based Learning, and Reggio Emilia to create a comprehensive program that fosters our students' intellectual and socio-emotional development while acquiring a second language.

Spanish Language

Yachaywasi is a 100% Spanish immersion program. All of our lessons are carefully developed to foster second language acquisition in a natural setting.


Students have gardening class twice a week. During gardening, they learn about seasons, which vegetables and fruits grow better at different times of the year, and then they get to experience new flavors and tastes by trying products from our harvest making this a full sensory experience.

Arts & Crafts

Art allows children to learn how to express themselves in a creative way exploring new textures, colors, and artistic techniques.
Art is also a great way for them to strengthen hand muscles and develop fine motor skills.

Math and Science

Through the use of manipulatives, games, projects, and experiments, children learn  basic principles of math and the scientific process. Learning these concepts will help prepare them to think critically and logically for our future world problems.

Sports & Yoga

In sports, our students learn how to be team players while fine-tuning gross motor skills which are vital to child development. Introducing exercise allows students to develop a healthier lifestyle at a young age.

Through yoga, children learn mindfulness and meditation which is key to a child's emotional regulation.


Movement is another creative expression where students are encouraged to use their imagination and develop coordination. Through dance, we introduce students to different cultures, music, and traditions.


Starting at a young age, children tend to be attracted to different sounds and musical instruments. In music class, children expand their vocabulary by learning catchy lyrics. By playing instruments and following rhythm, children develop their mind and body together.

Daily Life Skills

At Yachaywasi, we believe that children need to learn basic daily life skills to grow into successful individuals. Thus, we place a high emphasis on promoting their independence. At school, children carry out simple tasks such as chores, time management, and a responsible sense of accountability.

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What our parents think and feel

 Our kids absolutely loved the smaller, much more nurturing, warm environment.  It took a bit of time for them to fully embrace a second language, but that didn't bother them at all!  They have learned so much from the creative and fun curriculum.  Our trips home are full of endless excited details about what they learned that day.  We could not have asked for a better environment for our children.  The amazing food that they receive has also helped nudge their palates to be more adventurous outside of school.  We consider ourselves to be very lucky to have found this gem of a preschool with outstanding staff.

Jill G.

Casey Johnson

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We are conveniently located in the Miracle Mile area between Hauser and Olympic and our Sister School Intiwasi is located in the Pico-Robertson area.

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