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We truly are commited to provide all our families with personalized education to ensure all our children's educational needs are being met. Please check this section regularly so you can stay tuned with everything we have happening at school. 

learn how to make delicious dishes we make at school

Happy Twins

Thematic Unit Calendar

To enhance our student's Spanish learning experience we work through thematic units which change every 4-6 weeks. Within this unit, we learn target Spanish vocabulary while acquiring new skills in different areas such as math, language, art, practical life, sensory play, and science. 

We try to close each thematic unit with a PT conference, field trip, or special activity for building community, strengthening school-family bonds, and giving you updates on your child's development at school. check out our thematic unit calendar to stay tunned

Unit's Content

Stayed tunned with what your child it learning at school. Here you'll find the unit's content per field of study and target vocabulary

Our Menu

Eating is an important part of our day our meals are served every 2 hours and we try to balance a healthy manu

Academic Calendar

Stayed tunned with all school holidays so you can plan your vacations and not miss school


Stay tuned with everything happening at school


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